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Irresistible Gaming Rules

General Rules

  • If you see a post that is breaking these rules, please report it.
  • Do not post religious, political or other controversial threads.
  • Do not be racist.
  • Do not SPAM. If your post is irrelevant to the thread then it is spamming.
  • Refrain from double posting, there is a modify button. Please use it!
  • Do not bump a thread threads without the wait of 6 hours.
  • Do not insult members or administrators.
  • Do not abuse the private message system.
  • Do not release warez, leaked content, illegal materials or pornography.
  • Do not create alternate or multiple accounts.
  • Links that benefit you in a financial manner are not allowed. These include pay-per-click links, advert click-throughs and survey filling links. Use direct links instead.
  • Don't advertise. It's simple, just do not post any websites/ip addresses of other gaming communities besides our own.

Uploading Rules

  • Please do not upload useless content using to our system, besides avatars.
  • Refrain from using attachments if possible and stick to image host sites instead.
  • Attachments are generally removed to free bandwidth within our host.

Additional Information

  • Some boards have their own particular rules. Please ensure you have read them.
  • You will be issued with a suspension if you infringe these rules.