Automated V.I.P
To those who have donated, and do not want to wait for me.

How to activate VIP?

It has been some time that people just cannot be bothered to wait for me, and sometimes I'm caught with people in the most unexpected times. But this should be a problem solver for you.

Here's a short and simple guide to redeeming your VIP, as soon as you have donated. Just beware, donations under $5 will not prompt anything special.

Due to step one being update, step two's transaction ID is different to step one. You must ensure that the transaction ID is the same in all procedures or this will not work - this is just an example.

1. Donate & Grab Transaction ID

Once you donate, you will be directed to There is where you can view your donation details. I decided for no reason to censore some characters of the transaction ID. Even though it's useless. Lol.

Sometimes it cannot load (which you should try refresh once or twice) or you just accidentally close it with the information open. To prevent this, we do dispatch an e-mail with your transaction ID to the PayPal e-mail you donated with.

2. Go in-game and type /redeemvip

In the box, type the transaction ID that you just recently obtained from step 1.

3. Wait 1-3 Seconds

Sometimes, the server cannot respond to you meaning you can't get your VIP, unlikely to happen though. But try 3-4 times, and if it still does not work, just wait patiently.

Once it responds, you should be about to view your donation information. The email has 5 characters hidden... Just for privacy; incase someone decides to give their transaction id to a friend.

4. [Platinum] Gift your Bronze VIP to a friend/yourself

Only if you donated for Platinum should this ever appear. Dialog says pretty much what you need to know. Enter the name of yourself or a player that you want to gift VIP to - you can always skip this, it'll be logged for me to attempt to contact and you'll be suggested to PM me.

5. Finito

You'll receive a dialog which thanks you and gives you four pieces of advise. Not going to bother to screencap. But yeah, if you want you can receive it personally from me.

Depending on what package, assets to be delivered will be logged and will be announced to all admins online so that they can contact a head admin immediately.

Remember these things too!!!
  • This system will not work if you donate $25 to expect for example, 5 regular VIPs. It's suggested that you manually do each transaction and distribute the IDs to whom you want to gift it to.
  • Best wait for me if you want some custom shizzle to your donation, deals and such.