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    Quote Originally Posted by Vizconde. View Post
    hello admin stone i mean you your house in ammu has no one so i finding a house near ammu then i find a no one then i buy it. dont deleted please if you want back your house pay me 1m and 250k @Stoneage @Brad
    read this please . @Stoneage @Brad @Smoshi
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    And I replied to it that they should hit me up when they see me in-game.
    • If you wish to report an admin make sure you use the "Report to Council" board. If you don't want to post there, feel free to send me a forum message if an admin is abusing his powers.
    • Have you donated recently? You want your V.I.P assets to be delivered? Have you encountered any issues? Send me a forum pm and let me know!
    • If you wish to recommend an administrator, feel free to do so by sending me a forum message so I can check him out!
    • If you need help in general, or you've got any issues, feel free to contact me!
    • If you've donated and/or you need help when it comes to the forums, such as changing your name send me a forum pm and I'll help you out!

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    He didn't get it. @Banging7Grams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcoholic View Post
    He didn't get it. @Banging7Grams
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