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    Pay to get un-muted

    This suggestion may be kind of useless, but **** it.
    The suggestion is pay to be un-muted
    The amount can be decided later, and everything is given to the /eventbank donate %amount%
    Why this? I hate to be mutated by playing tricks with my friends and I'm mutated, and it's also useless to stay 900 seconds (15 minutes) mutated by just a misinterpretation, so that few think money on sa-mp then pay to be un-muted it's a good idea.

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    No? The point of muting is to punish a certain player for spamming/flooding/insulting so that they don't do such things for a while .
    If paying for unmute is there people won't be scared of getting muted. They will just spam/flood/instult knowing that they gonna get unmuted in few seconds by just paying some money.And i don't think 15min(900secs ) is much tbh .

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    No. You only get muted for playing a "trick" on your friend if they report you.

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