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    In-game name:zod
    Current Administrator Level:1 @Alone_GUY
    >Need help in general?Sure,Feel free to message me personally.
    >Saw someone hacking?Feel free to report at "Report Players" Section.
    >Found a Bug?Feel free to make a report at "Bug Reports" Section.
    >Want a fast response for anything related to game?Feel free to message me personally.
    >Want some help regarding pc? Feel free to make a thread at "PC Discussion" Section.
    >Recently donated VIP and looking for a "VIP" tag?Feel free to make a thread at "UserGroup Request" Section.


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    If you're paki and wants to donate then shoot me a private message. Remember that $30 is minimum.
    Need help in general? Sure, feel free to message me personally.
    Caught someone hacking? Please make a report at " Report to Player " section.
    Want to suggest idea for weekend events? Sure, create a thread at " Event and Competitions " section.
    Reported a player and want a fast response? Be sure to mention me there.
    Want to report an admin or high profile player? Please, report at "Report to Council" section.



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